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    Manual of Traffic Signs
    Presented by Moeurgineering PLLC - Professional Traffic Engineering Services

    The best reference for information on United States traffic and road signs for over two decades.

    Regulatory Signs

    Warning Signs

    Route Marker Signs

    Guide and Information Signs

    Object Markers

    Bicycle Signs

    Temporary Traffic Control Signs

    Railroad and Light Rail Signs

    School Signs

    Emergency and Incident Management Signs
    Alphabetical Index of Signs

    Standard Sign Shapes

    Standard Sign Colors

    Sign Retroreflective Sheetings

    Standard Sign Typefaces

    Sign Posts and Supports

    About This Website - General Info on Signs

    Costs of Traffic Signs

    Where to Purchase Traffic Signs

    How the Sign Images Were Created

    Copyright, Disclaimer, and Use Agreement

    MOTS News and Updates

    Older Editions of the MUTCD

    MUTCD Wiki

    Note: This is not an official website of the Federal Highway Administration.

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    Updated 09 December 2019 (soft open on MW)
    Scripting: Richard C. Moeur

    All text and images on this page © Richard C. Moeur. All rights reserved.
    Linked sign layout files in PDF format provided courtesy of FHWA's MUTCD website
    Unauthorized use of text, images, and other content is strictly prohibited. Refer to Copyright, Disclaimer, and Standard Use Agreement for details.

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